Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How the Landscape Supervisor can serve you

3rd Speech to Networking Toastmasters, 4/8/2013

Before this speech is over, you will want me to teach your landscape maintenance workers, audit other properties, renovate your landscape, or coach you in gardening.
The best advertising for a brick-and-mortar business is a good-looking property.  Your business will look more prosperous successful, and competent if it is nestled in lovely, well-kept landscaping.  A beautiful shrub border, full of pretty plants, does not invite litter, and is looked at because it is worth looking at.  Beautiful, orderly properties discourage disorderly conduct like litter, because the owners obviously care.  You are also more likely to notice litter as out of place and pick it up, to maintain that beauty.
            The mind loves beauty, ignored mediocrity, and hates ugliness.  The untrained eye avoids ugliness and seeks out beauty as a matter of course.  The trained eye of this professional landscape gardener and any good maintenance worker seeks out ugliness in order to eliminate it, and we criticize where we don’t work.
            Ugliness brings your business either no notice, or criticism.  Neither is good advertising.  Indeed, other advertising may bring customers to your door, but if your property is badly kept, they may turn right around and go someplace they see competence on display.
            Like every other employee, your landscape maintenance contractor needs regular feedback from someone who truly cares about how well he does his work and takes a good look at it.  It’s better yet if that one knows it can be done better and cheaper and can tell him how.
            If you are in any business other than professional gardening, you probably are not the one who can do that.  You have a business to run, and you are not up on the latest natural low-maintenance techniques.  Your landscape maintenance person probably isn’t either.  The Landscape Supervisor, Rycke Brown, Natural Gardener, is at your service.
            If you care about order and beauty and how much you are spending not achieving it, you need someone walking your landscape monthly and reporting to you, one who knows landscape maintenance better than the mow-and-blow guys.
            I can walk your property monthly, write you a report on its problems and their solutions, and go over it with your maintenance person as well if you wish.  I can also suggest improvements that will gradually bring your landscape to real beauty.
As the Landscape Auditor, I can give you peace of mind, and solutions.  I can walk any property, with permission if fenced or posted against trespassing, and give you a report on its fire hazard, signs of camping, and weeds both noxious and nuisance, and suggest abatement alternatives.
            For instance, puncture vine, also known as goat head, and tack vine, infests many vacant and commercial properties around this town.  Star thistle, another noxious weed, is rampant on vacant lots.  I know what these and other weeds look like dead or alive, how they spread, and how to get rid of them most efficiently.
            If you are a Realtor, you can offer this service to your buyers for their peace of mind, and to your sellers to make their properties more marketable.  A certificate of good landscape health can give both buyer and seller peace of mind; a bad report along with recommendations to fix the problems can be useful to both.
            Who want an ugly yard?  Not even the people who have one.  I can supervise your home gardener, renovate your property, or coach you in gardening your own property.
            To supervise your home gardener, I can visit monthly and look over your yard, giving advice and answering questions.  I can do the same with your gardener, and give you and your gardener a written report.  
            I can do landscape renovation, wherein you have day laborers work under my direction.  Renovation will thereby be done far more quickly than I could do it by myself, and I will get to train the maximum number of new, independent natural gardeners in my art.
            I can coach you to garden more beautifully, naturally, and easily.  I teach my “natural line of motion” design, which creates long, beautiful curves and easy movement through the landscape, as well as teaching easy garden building and maintenance.
            Ask and you shall receive one free audit of the property of your choice, complete with a written report, which I will then go over with you.
            Gardening is easy, if you do it naturally.  With my help, you can retrain the maintenance people you already have working for you, including yourself, and have a property that is orderly, beautiful, healthy, and naturally low-maintenance.

Rycke Brown, Natural Gardener    541-955-9040

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